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Roger Perrett is recognised as one of the Top 50 Most influential Advisers in Australia by Financial Standard.

Significant support

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Centrepoint Alliance with 797 approx. advisors and $64Bn under advice. 


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Over 93 years of combined experience, offering tailored and proven financial solutions.


Roger Perrett is recognised by Financial Standard as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Advisers in Australia out of 16,000

Significant support

From Centrepoint Alliance with 797 approx. Advisers & $64B under advice.


Over 25 years of expertise, offering diverse skills and proven solutions.

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The Challenge

Investment Research

Investing is tricky, requiring expertise and understanding of various financial instruments and markets.​

Time Constraints and Emotional Decision-Making

Many people lack the time and interest to manage their finances effectively and are often guided incorrectly by emotions, which can lead to suboptimal financial decisions.​

Ever-changing Legislation

Government rules and tax minimisation strategies are continually evolving, making it difficult for individuals to keep up and make informed decisions.​

High Cost of Mistakes

Making financial mistakes can be costly, a burden most individuals cannot afford, highlighting the need for professional financial guidance​​.​

“Having a financial advisor is like having a teacher that is great at explaining and advising what is important, but then they do everything for you.”

Roger Perrett – Partner

Create wealth for you to enjoy

Imagine waking up each day with the freedom to do what you truly love, whether it’s exploring hidden corners of the world, nurturing your passions, or simply cherishing moments with loved ones.

Path to create a great retirement Lifestyle

7 Step Wealth Creation Framework

Our 7 Step Wealth Creation Framework is designed to secure your financial future. Each step is focused on guiding you towards a financially secure and fulfilling retirement.

Plan for Life events & create exciting goals

Prepare for life’s significant moments, such as retirement, caring for elderly parents, assisting children with home deposits, downsizing, receiving inheritances, and renovating. Our service helps you manage these crucial events, ensuring a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Invest Wisely

Align your investments with your desired performance level and risk tolerance. We offer research-backed investment strategies and conduct regular portfolio reviews to ensure consistent performance and mitigate risks during market downturns.

Generate Income

Focus on creating a tax-free income stream (0%) for retirement, designed to last a lifetime. This approach is all about generating sustainable, tax-efficient income that not only supports you in retirement, but also helps in building wealth for your lifestyle or further financial growth during your earning years.

Protect Assets

Our asset protection strategies are designed to safeguard your wealth within the family lineage, protecting against potential family, legal, or business risks. This includes plans to secure your financial position in cases of income loss, injury, or illness.

Minimise Tax

Our aim is to reduce tax liabilities both currently and in the future. By implementing effective tax minimisation strategies, we ensure the longevity and sustainability of your wealth and income.

Gift funds and create an inheritance

Plan effectively for gifting to children or charities and creating a lasting inheritance. We ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes to your intended beneficiaries after your passing.

Optimise debt (if applicable)

We provide insights on distinguishing ‘good’ debt from ‘bad’ and advise on optimal debt management strategies. This includes evaluating interest costs and debt reduction versus making superannuation contributions.

Our Process to Success

Understand Your Situation

Create Recommendations

Implement Advice

On Going Support

Gain confidence in your financial future with tailored strategies that bring peace of mind. Look forward to embracing life and enjoying retirement, secure in the knowledge that your future is well-prepared and primed for enjoyment.

What We Believe

We are committed to the idea that everyone is entitled to a remarkable retirement, and we place a high value on being good listeners, easily accessible, and making complex financial concepts simple. While we provide expert financial guidance, the emotional benefit comes from the trusted relationships we build with our clients.

Integrity is at the core of our practice, crucial for fostering trust and achieving successful outcomes. We share proven strategies with the same level of care and honesty we’d use for our own families.

Our commitment to clarity and transparency is evident in our written advice, ensuring accountability and attention to detail. This approach leads to a reliable and straightforward financial partnership, setting the stage for a stress-free and rewarding retirement.

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FY 23 Results Presentation and Strategy Update.

As at 30/6/2023 Centrepoint has 511 advisers operate under their licenses as authorised representatives & 196 boutique AFSLs operate under their own license, representing 797 advisers 5 salaried financial advisers (page 28). FUA and value chain revenue are estimated based on internally generated assumptions FUA (page 20).