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Having a great retirement is what everyone deserves. However, it is a minefield when planning to retire or retiring, while trying to understand the new opportunities that you have, as well as the problems to solve.

Obtain Tailored Strategy Advice

At Freshwater Wealth, we understand the unique nature of your financial journey. Our services are thoughtfully designed to address specific life events and challenges, aligning with our 7 Step Wealth Creation Framework. Here’s how we can support you:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Strategy Advice To create a great retirement

7 Step Wealth Creation Framework

Our advice will be a plan to help you achieve your goals, maximise available opportunities and solve potential problems. Within each of the pillars of the strategy framework, you’ll find several instances of typical challenges that we address.

Plan for Life events & create exciting goals

Life’s pivotal & significant moments can be well planned or they can create angst. Obtain strategies that can use legislation to your advantage, that provide certainty & comfort. See if your plans are on the list:

  • Retire, resign, reduce hours or are retrenched,
  • Plan on travelling and having exciting holidays,
  • Want to spend time with grandchildren.
  • Assist children with home deposits,
  • Care for elderly parents,
  • Downsize,
  • Receiving inheritances,
  • Renovate,
  • Sell property or your business,
  • Spending time on your passions,
  • Giving to charities and creating a legacy.

Generate Income

Having these questions answered can mean the difference between having sleepless nights or living confidently and without paying tax on income again:

  • Can I afford to retire?
  • Will my money run out?
  • Can I receive a tax free (0%) income?
  • How much superannuation & investments do I need to retire?
  • Should I go on Annual & Long-Service Leave before I retire or take the lump sum payment?
  • What is best strategy for my surplus cashflow?
  • When can I retire?
  • How does a Defined Benefit Superannuation plan work?

Minimise Tax

Savings up to tens of thousands of dollars in tax, maybe achieved if they apply to you:
  • Aged 50+ and investing,
  • Aged 60+ and changing jobs,
  • Aged 65+,
  • Before aged 75,
  • Selling your home, property or business,
  • Your super balance is under $500K,
  • There is an age gap with your partner,
  • 4 R’s: Resigning, Retiring, Reducing hours or being Retrenched,
  • Potential ‘death tax’ is significant,
  • Contributing to superannuation,
  • You know someone who doesn’t have long to live,
  • Capitals gains tax to pay,
  • Claim up to a $137,500 tax deduction,
  • Paying too much tax,
  • Wanting to invest tax free (0%),
  • Received a Division 293 tax notice,
  • I’m having to pay tax regularly for my SMSF.
  • I have a Family trust.

Optimise Debt

These are surprising debt mistakes, that could cost retirees thousands:

  • Adding funds directly to a loan account or,
  • Reducing the wrong loan
  • Clearing loans completely
  • Not reviewing Interest rates
  • Reducing debt: Is this the best strategy for retirees?
  • Plus, the Debt Reduction vs. Super Contributions: The Retiree’s Ultimate Dilemma.

Invest Wisely

Successful investing can decide your future. These questions and scenarios are important to solve:

  • Which superannuation fund should I use?
  • How do I minimise the chance of selling investments at a loss (in market downturns) to fund my regular withdrawals for my retirement income?
  • Is now a good time to invest?
  • Where should I invest?
  • What return should I receive?
  • What are the risks?
  • What can I contribute and invest in superannuation?
  • Should I use a SMSF?
  • I have a large number of shares in one company – (maybe from an employee share scheme)
  • Selling a property, a business
  • Receiving an inheritance or redundancy.
  • Investment volatility is too much.
  • My SMSF is too much work.
  • I have a Defined Benefit superannuation plan.

Protect Assets

Before you do the following, check with us as they may change your life, as well as the lives of your children and your grandchildren forever.

  • Giving money to kids for any purpose, including for a home deposit or,
  • Having your Will’s prepared or,
  • Considering how financial transactions could be arranged if you were unwell, became disabled or were overseas.
  • Commencing working on Boards as a Director or,
  • Protecting assets from going to your family’s ex-partners.
  • Cancelling your Life, disablement (TPD), Trauma or Income Protection insurance policies.
  • You plan to sell your home if you cannot work or if you/partner passed away.
  • You would like to protect assets from business creditors.

Gift funds and create an inheritance

These estate planning examples could cause heartache for your loved ones when you pass away, if not arranged correctly:

  • Your Will exposes your estate to be given to unintended beneficiaries.
  • Should I gift specific assets or, simply divide my total estate in my Will?
  • Keep your assets in the ‘blood line’ if you pass away, so your assets aren’t gifted to your family’s ex-partners.
  • Adding your children as your superannuation beneficiary.
  • Continuity of your superannuation Income stream for your partner.
  • Ensure your partner doesn’t have to unnecessarily sell your superannuation investments.
  • Ensure your partner doesn’t regularly pay tax on your superannuation monies.
  • Automatically giving your superannuation to your partner may not be ideal.
  • When one child works in the family business, and you want gift your estate equally.
  • Your partner has no interest in running your business, especially with your business partner too.

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