Optimise Debt

Debt can be a beautiful wealth creation tool, used as a lever to amplify investment returns. It is a great result when the investment performance is greater than the interest rate.

The created wealth can be used to fund a very enjoyable retirement lifestyle.

“Optimising debt can often save thousands and it isn’t necessarily about simply getting a better interest rate.”
Roger Perrett - Partner

Our Client Results

Peace of Mind

Paula saved thousands by prioritising which loan she should be repaying.

Gain Confidence

Peter was advised on how to manage debt to create wealth and boost his retirement assets.

Create Wealth to Enjoy

Brett and Vanessa halved their after-tax interest rate on their loan, saving $10,000 per month.

Debt Strategy Missteps

Saying this, if the use of debt is not implemented correctly, it can be a significant drag on your wealth. Excess debt can also destroy wealth and can cause large distress.

Common issues with Debt

Strategic Debt Management

Depending on your goals, our Financial Advisors can use our Principles of Debt, to advise on:

5 steps for Optimising debt

While our financial advisors can provide advice on the strategies that include debt, we may refer you to a lending specialist, to obtain specific credit advice.

Consider your risk profile and time frame

For example, it is a challenge obtaining a 30-year loan, if you will retire soon.
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Pay back the ‘Bad Debt’ First

Good Debt: where the funds are used for an investment that generates an income. 

Use loan features 

Using loan features to reduce tax, is an often unknown and underutilised tools.

Obtain a manageable repayment 

With a buffer for interest rate increases.

Manage the risks 

Such as loss of income, if interest rates increase and when investments fall in value.

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind with complexity removed.

Gain Confidence

Gain confidence with personalised strategies.

Enjoy Life

Create wealth to enjoy.

For A Great Retirement Lifestyle

We Believe

We believe in having great attention-to-detail, so our customers don’t need to.


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Download Our Debt Optimisation Methodology

Learn how to use debt as a tool to amplify investment returns and secure a more enjoyable retirement lifestyle.

What Our Clients Say

Create wealth for you to enjoy

Are you ready to take the first step towards financial independence and a rewarding retirement? Allow us to guide you through the complexities of wealth management with clarity and confidence.

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