Minimising tax is key to wealth creation and retirement planning. The less tax we pay, the longer your funds will last & the more money ultimately for your beneficiaries too.

“We must pay tax, but there is no need for a tip.”
Roger Perrett - Partner

Our Client Results

Peace of Mind

Louise contributed further to her retirement despite inheriting a large superannuation benefit.

Gain Confidence

Tom and Joan made a $300,000 tax-free investment using proceeds from selling their home.

Create Wealth to Enjoy

Paul received a tax refund of $70,000 and boosted his retirement savings by $140,000.

The Challenge

The challenge is that tax rules are ever changing & can be complex. Our advisors can make simplify tax for you & they can potentially save you thousands. Please find some scenarios & see if your situation is on the list.
  • Aged 50+ and investing,
  • Aged 60+ and changing jobs,
  • Aged 65+,
  • Before aged 75,
  • Selling your home, property or business,
  • Your super balance is under $500K,
  • There is an age gap with your partner,
  • 4 R’s: Resigning, Retiring, Reducing hours or being Retrenched,
  • Potential ‘death tax’ is significant,
  • Contributing to superannuation,
  • You know someone who doesn’t have long to live,
  • Capitals gains tax to pay,
  • Claim up to a $137,500 tax deduction,
  • Paying too much tax,
  • Wanting to invest tax free (0%),
  • Received a Division 293 tax notice,
  • I’m having to pay tax regularly for my SMSF.
  • I have a Family trust.

And More

Descending tax rate model

Please find a simple list of a few taxes to minimise in descending order. Our advisors can explain the relevant taxes, as well as the recommended strategies to minimise these taxes for you.

The tax rate for children’s investment income is very high to discourage moving assets into children’s names. 

In Australia, the more you earn, the higher the percentage of tax, capping at a large 45%.

There is a tax free (0%) threshold if income is under $18,200 & this can be overlooked in retirement planning.

The tax for adult children recipients (non-financial dependent superannuation beneficiaries) can be between 15-32%.
Company tax is at a flat 30% and there is no discount for capital gains tax.
Capital gains tax is paid when you sell an asset for more than you paid for it. There is a discount if you have held the asset for greater than 12 months and if you own the asset jointly. There is no capital gains tax when selling your home.

*Maximum rate of CGT and actual tax rate may be lower

Superannuation has a tax rate of 15% on:

  • Investment income
  • Contributions – from an employer, salary sacrifice or where a tax deduction is claimed.

In both scenarios, 15% is often a lower tax rate than investing personally where the tax rate could be up to 45%.

Div 293 tax is an additional tax on superannuation contributions if your income exceeds $250,000.

It is a great opportunity to access a legal tax rate of 0% on investment income and withdrawals.

Our 5 Principles for Minimising Tax

The good news is that our advisors can create a strategy to achieve your goals, as well as minimise some of these tax’s.

1.  Strategy first, tax second

The strategies we recommend often have secondary benefit of reducing tax. 

2.  Move to lower tax rates

Generally we need to shift from paying 45%, to 0% in retirement. The legislation means this can take time, so we should start early.

3.  Consider everything

Often a tax saving can have other restrictions that should be considered. It is often best to be wary of implementing a strategy just for a tax benefit.

4.  Play by the rules

Our strategies consider tax & in many cases save you considerably money. However, we will never suggest breaking the rules. 

5.  Obtain advice

Where specific tax advice is required; we can recommend tax advisors or accountants.

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind with complexity removed.

Gain Confidence

Gain confidence with personalised strategies.

Enjoy Life

Create wealth to enjoy.

For A Great Retirement Lifestyle

We believe

We believe that we should complete forms (where possible) as our customer’s time is valuable.

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