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It can take years creating wealth for you to enjoy, as well as to create a legacy for your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren too.

“Your gifts shouldn’t become like the gift-stealing game - Bad Santa.”
Roger Perrett - Partner

Our Client Results

Peace of Mind

Louise contributed further to her retirement despite inheriting a large superannuation benefit.

Gain Confidence

Tom and Joan made a $300,000 tax-free investment using proceeds from selling their home.

Create Wealth to Enjoy

Paul received a tax refund of $70,000 and boosted his retirement savings by $140,000.

Legal action 

Where wealth can be lost through fraud & crime.

Health event

Such as Injury, illness & death of you or, a loved one.


Where wealth can be lost through fraud & crime.

Legal risk

To ensure your wealth stays within your family lineage, we can work with legal advisors, to assist with your asset protection strategies. These strategies may include:

“We would all insure a money printing machine if we owned one.”
Roger Perrett - Partner

Health Risk

Our Financial Advisors can help protect your assets in case you, your spouse, or your business partner pass away, become disabled, or suffer from an illness.

This ensures you can clear debts, cover medical expenses, replace income, remove the family home from the bank’s security, and facilitate business share transactions.

Business Insurance Strategies

For businesses, keyperson risk insurance provides funds to reduce debts and release family homes from bank security.

Buy/Sell strategies ensure smooth business transitions, prevent unwanted ownership, and create a fund for purchasing business shares from an estate at a pre-agreed price.

Estate equalisation uses life insurance to ensure fair inheritance distribution among family members.

Cyber risk

With a rising number of reported cyber-crime incidents, it is very important to safeguard your wealth.  The annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy is more than $4 billion according to Mark Rutte.

Australian Government advice for staying safe online

Secure Your Accounts

Secure Your Devices

Secure Your Email

Stay secure online

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind with complexity removed.

Gain Confidence

Gain confidence with personalised strategies.

Enjoy Life

Create wealth to enjoy.

For A Great Retirement Lifestyle

We believe

We believe that our Advice should be in writing, so we are accountable.

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