Age Gap with your Partner? Discover Opportunities & Problems that it Creates.

When there is a large gap between partners, this creates financial opportunity. Saying this, an age gap can create a financial challenge too. Either way, if you’re in this situation, there is a strategy that can leave you in a better position.  Challenge scenario The challenge when there is an age gap, is that some […]

Received a Div 293 Notice: Turning Tax Challenges into Strategic Financial Planning

Receiving a Div 293 notice may initially raise eyebrows, but it’s essential to recognize the positive aspect: it signifies that you’ve earned a significant income. While the notice comes with the responsibility of addressing a tax liability, there’s a silver lining. Superannuation contributions, despite being subject to additional tax, still offer a tax-efficient avenue for […]

Superannuation: From Tax-Free Opportunities to the Challenge of the Death Tax

Embarking on the journey of investing in your superannuation is like setting sail on the seas of financial freedom. The prospect of tax-free growth and building a nest egg for the future is undeniably enticing. But, as with any voyage, unforeseen challenges may arise, and one such challenge lurking on the horizon is the ominous […]

Maximising Tax Benefits at Milestone Ages

Life is a journey marked by various milestones, each bringing its own set of joys and opportunities. As you celebrate reaching these significant age milestones, there’s more to rejoice in addition to the personal accomplishments – tax benefits that come with smart financial planning. One such opportunity lies within the realm of superannuation, where investments […]

Discover Extra Superannuation Benefits When Selling Your Home!

A huge benefit of superannuation is receiving tax free (0%) income as well as having no (0%) capital gains tax, when you meet the eligibility criteria. So in the world of retirement planning, the prospect of adding a substantial amount to your superannuation fund is an exciting opportunity that many homeowners may not be aware […]