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Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Retiree

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Retirement has never looked more enticing. Saying this, it can be a daunting time and be unsettling when considering the future. Please find a few reasons why it’s a great time to be a retiree:

Time to Enjoy: With advancements in healthcare and improved living standards, retirees are enjoying longer, healthier lives than ever before.

Our life expectancies have increased significantly from age 60’s in the 1950 era, to now over aged 80. This means we have more time to pursue passions, spend with loved ones, and simply enjoy everyday life.

Travel Abound: Gone are the days when retirement meant staying close to home. My grandparents (who passed away some time ago) never travelled interstate and I know they didn’t travel overseas.

Today’s retirees have the world at their fingertips, with a plethora of travel options available. From exotic international adventures to scenic domestic getaways, the possibilities are endless. And with the rise of services like Airbnb, retirees can choose from a wide range of accommodations, tailored to their preferences and budget. From First class hotels to exotic boutique experiences, the travel options are amazing.

Lifestyle Affordability: Thanks to favourable market conditions, asset values have experienced a significant uptick over the last 30 years. For example,

  1. Australian Shares have had “a 9.2% per annum average annual return over the 30-year period, and a total compound return of more than 1,280%”. – Vanguard
  2. International shares have had a 7.5% average annual return over the period. This represents a total compound return of 776%. – Vanguard
  3. Sydney property prices “Over the past 30 years Sydney dwelling values have increased by 449%. (5.8% per annum)” – CoreLogic
  4. Even cash investments can yield attractive returns, with interest rates hovering around 5%.

This means many retirees can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without having to worry about financial constraints.

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Generous Tax Breaks: Retirees also benefit from generous tax breaks, particularly when it comes to their superannuation. Investment returns and withdrawals from super are tax-free, providing retirees with additional financial flexibility and peace of mind.

These tax breaks mean investments can last longer or, you can take less risk. Both options are great benefits for being a retiree.

Work Options: Retirement no longer means the end of one’s career. Many retirees are choosing to pursue part-time work or transition into retirement gradually, allowing them to stay engaged, active, and financially secure.

My grandparents did not have these options. You either worked or you didn’t. Many of my clients like to work part-time as they like the sense of purpose. Some like doing charity work or assisting with grandchildren and contributing to what is important to them. Others simply like to stop work altogether and enjoy a great lifestyle.

These work options can provide a retirement that suits you.

Wealth Transfer: According to research, we are currently witnessing the greatest wealth transfer in history, set to occur over the next decade. According to Australian Government Productivity Commission,

“The total value of wealth transfers in 2018, including inheritances and inter vivos gifts (gifts), was slightly more than $120 billion.”

This means that retirees stand to inherit significant assets, providing them with additional financial resources to support their retirement lifestyle.

As retirement continues to evolve, it’s clear that today’s retirees are in a privileged position to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding chapter of life. With a combination of financial security, travel opportunities, and lifestyle options, the golden years have never looked brighter.

Ready to make the most of your retirement? Please contact us today, to create exciting plans for your retirement and ensure you’re well-prepared to embrace this exciting phase of life. The world is yours to explore, and the best is yet to come.







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